4 Sons Pizzeria

One of the original four sons namesakes, Kent Bro, was opening his 15th 4 Sons Food  Store in Norwalk, Iowa in 1981 and stood outside to take a look as the final touches were being made.   Walking by was a 77-year-old man named Harry.  He stopped, chatted with Kent about the construction, and proclaimed, “I make really good pizza.  You should carry it in your stores.”  Turns out, Harry had owned five pizza restaurants in Chicago.  He made a pizza for Kent, and he was right.  It was good.  Really good.  Harry came to work for Kent, making his delicious pizza for 8 more years before retiring for a second time.   4 Sons uses Harry’s recipe to this day, making the dough and sauce fresh every day and topping it with the finest ingredients.  Come try a piece – you’ll be surprised how good a convenience store pizza can taste.