Roller Grill

When you think of a juicy hot dog, doesn’t your mouth water?  It will when you smell these delicious Ball Park All-Beef dogs and Hillshire Farm Sausages rolling on the grill.  Look for these tasty choices:  smoked pepper jack cheese, smoked cheddarwurst, smoked jalapeno, chorizo, and Italian sausage.  You’ll find it challenging to pick a favorite. 

When you bite into Roller Bites, the crispy outside is what you’ll notice first, followed immediately by the juicy, tender inside, packed with real cheese, real meat, and real spices.  Try the  Chicken or the Cheeseburger; either way, you can’t go wrong.    

How to accurately describe a Tornado?  Well, let’s hear what Ruiz Foods has to say about their product:  “This unique, hand-held product has taken the nation by storm! We roll oven-baked flour tortillas around a variety of out-of-this-world fillings. Then we dip them in special seasoned batters and lightly fry them to golden perfection. So, Tornados are loaded with flavor inside and out.  With a range of flavors from spicy to sweet and AM to PM, there is a Tornado for every taste and occasion.” 
We couldn’t have said it any better.